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How to Start Baby on Solids

Karis Eats CerealSo even though I’ve now had three babies, I still forget when you’re supposed to start certain foods, and how exactly to begin the solids fun after baby’s had that first messy and hilarious taste of rice cereal. My sis found a great website with sample menus for varying age groups and suggested amounts of each food group. There’s a site for babies at:
as well as a site for toddlers that also includes recipes and advice on picky eaters (don’t we all have one of those at some point in their growing up?) at:

My few bits of advice?

  • If you’re breast feeding exclusively, please be sure to introduce a bottle sometime soon after nursing is established. If baby is used to taking a bottle every once in a while (even if it’s just distilled water), they will be more likely to take one on the rare occassion that you need to give them formula or pedialyte or even pumped breastmilk. (Trust me on this one – you can read more about my experience with this problem on this post in the archives…)
  • Enjoy that first tasting and take lots of pics! And if baby doesn’t take to it right away, just try again a week or two later. I’ve waited until my babies were closer to 6 or 7 months (instead of just the minimum recommended 4 months) before starting them on cereal just to make sure they were good and ready.
  • Somewhere I read to start with green veggies once you get past the cereal phase. The thought process is that since fruits are so much sweeter than green veggies, if you start with fruits you’re less likely to get baby to eat green stuff later. But, if you start with the green stuff, then go to orange and yellow veggies, and save the fruits for last, baby is more likely to go with the flow and still like veggies at the end.
  • Don’t start with bananas! It’s the most obvious choice for most of us (okay maybe just me), but the ramifications aren’t all that favorable. If you’re having to wait 4 days before starting a new solid and all you can give baby is bananas for that time, you’ll wind up with a constipated baby – and we all know that’s no fun. 😦 Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything… (The first baby is always the guinea pig; sorry Kate!)
  • Go with your instincts. This is just great advice in every area of motherhood. If you don’t feel your baby is ready for something, or needs something different, go for it (within reason, of course). Most of the time your gut level response is the right one. This single piece of advice has made me a much calmer and laid back mom than I should be with my personality type. So, just relax a little and enjoy!

So what’s your best advice for starting solids? Add it to the comments section!


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